Hell is a metaphor
You’re stuck in the car and the Windows are up
It’s hot and sweaty and you just want a cup
Any little thing to cool you down
Maybe some shade from this blanket you’ve found
Nope, it’s just raising the heat
Bun out of the oven is cooking like meat

Hell is a metaphor
You’re stuck at work but you’re dreaming of home
Where your freedom sits waiting alone
But for another four hours it’s out of reach
Complain? Bro, to the choir you preach
So you sit and you wait,watching the clock
Pinned under adulthood like ant under rock

Hell is a metaphor
You’re in the dark but all your friends see
The colors and wonders and things that must be
And sometimes at night you think about those imagined
But wonders are just like unicorns and dragons
You’re in the dark like a man in a cave
And the light of day it’s all that you crave.

Sneak peak for holmgeir.

Sneak peak for holmgeir.

It means a lot to me that you’re still following me after all this time.

I had fun with the face.
For holmgeir

I had fun with the face.

For holmgeir

Fixed the colors on Henning.
He looks better now. ^_^

Fixed the colors on Henning.

He looks better now. ^_^

Also doodled my friend holmgeir while I waited for scanner drivers to download and install.

Also doodled my friend holmgeir while I waited for scanner drivers to download and install.

Too lazy to do much editing now… But here’s two drawings I did of my Zeon OCs Grant (as seen in a WIP propaganda poster) and Henning (as seen below him.)

I need to fix some colorings that got washed out of Henning’s uniform.



Oh what they’ll do with a 3D printer…




Black Male Excellence.

Real life Daredevil.

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relenawarcraft replied to your photoset
Ez8 Kai and Ez8 Kai Custom…. not really trying with the names anymore, are they…
Kai and Custom are pretty damn overused…once the design comes out, let’s all try to make…

I mean… Aren’t kids the ones naming them, in the show at least?

I can tumblr from my phone now… Goodbye productivity.


Meow meow meow…

Just because I do not believe in something

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

It only means that I’ve yet to experience something that would cause me to believe

My lack of belief should not invalidate your belief

This is how we can disagree and still be friends.







//This began the rise of Aperture Science.


What if we used this to coat foam cosplay weapons and armor? 

what if i sprayed this on my dick while i was hard. i would have the eternal wood

If we sprayed it on cars, would there be fewer deadly car crashes?

If we sprayed this on cars, we’d have more deadly car crashes.

The reason cars today are made to crumple up like a piece of paper is to absorb the force of the impact. If your car didn’t have that ability, sure the car might be fine, but you inside that car would be an absolute mess.

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I don’t know what to post right now… I’m gonna go read a book and get off the internet.